Are you a company that wants to extend your brand and build a stronger and more profitable customer relationship? Are you an advertiser looking for a better way to reach your customers than paying for ineffective banner ads and e-mails that are too easily ignored? Or perhaps you are a consumer who wants easy access to content and services delivered by your preferred branded organizations, but don't want your Web surfing slowed down or your work day interrupted? Whichever you are, BootSpace provides a powerful platform that serves your needs.

Compelling benefits for target partners
Compelling benefits for advertisers
Compelling benefits for consumers

Compelling Benefits for Target Partners

BootSpace can provide you, our potential partner, with a powerful new revenue stream by putting you in full control of the most desirable advertising real estate on the computer - the boot-up screens and desk-tops of your customers. Whether you are an Internet Service Provider, Internet Incentive Network, OEM, or Online Business, our technology allows you to deliver unobtrusive sales and branding messages that will increase end-user loyalty, drive Web site traffic and generate new revenue.

Internet Service Providers

By delivering offline advertising to your users during the boot-up sequence, your advertising clients are guaranteed to reach your entire user base the moment they turn on their computers, regardless of whether they are active members. BootSpace offers an appealing addition to your existing revenue model by allowing you to help subsidize your user's Internet access with unobtrusive, targeted advertising that does not clutter or slow down your users' Web surfing. BootSpace is easily integrated with your existing software and does not slow down your users' boot-up time or Internet connection. Whether you offer Internet access through your own brand or private label your services, BootSpace's branded desktop will further extend brand reach and drive traffic to online and offline destinations.

Internet Incentive Networks

BootSpace allows you to establish and maintain a dialogue with your members that goes beyond not only the Internet, but the desktop as well. Maintain continuous and repeated contact with your members regardless of their surfing patterns. Ensure membership loyalty by instantly extending incentives to your members the moment they turn on their computers. Drive new revenue by selling the most desirable real estate on the computer to your existing and new advertisers.

OEM's, Computer Manufacturers, etc.

By pre-loading BootSpace's patent-pending Push, Place & Pull Technology , you can offer potential buyers computer rebates subsidized by the advertising revenue generated from the BootSpace ads. Sell the advertising to your business partners, or use BootSpace's network of advertisers to provide the necessary content. In addition, use BootSpace to place your own dynamic brand image in the boot-up sequence. Any way you choose, BootSpace allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your consumers beyond the point of sale.

Online Businesses: Online Companies, Portals/Search Engines, e-Commerce Companies, Sweepstakes Companies, etc.

BootSpace allows you to effortlessly create highly customized, anticipated promotional campaigns that fuel persistent ongoing communication and strengthen customer loyalty. Educate members on new features to your site. Run sweepstakes on the boot-up sequence that instantly drive traffic to your Web site. Sell BootScreen ads to your advertisers at exceptional CPMs to generate new revenue.

If you are interested in becoming a client or receiving more information about BootSpace, please contact us here to e-mail us.

Compelling Benefits for Advertisers

Given the increasing tendency among surfers to ignore banner ads, and with e-mail inboxes overflowing, savvy Web advertisers need to exploit new techniques and technologies to drive direct response and achieve ROI. BootSpace's patent-pending Push, Place & Pull Technology solves this problem by allowing advertisers to brand the entire computer experience. First, BootSpace delivers unobtrusive, full-screen, targeted ads to computer users during the boot-up sequence, every time they turn on their computers. This guarantees that your ad is the very first and only thing your customer sees. Second, BootSpace allows you to place a small graphic on the users' desktops that your customers can click for direct access to your Web site. This "brand package" allows you to repeatedly reinforce your campaign at three key interaction points: the initial boot-up sequence, the desktop, and the Internet. And since BootSpace advertising is permission based, there is no fear of customer brand backlash, ad blocking or filtering.

BootSpace Provides A Superior Advertising Format

Attention: Branding: Reach:

Unmatched, captures entire screen, message repeated in three locations

Superior, capitalizes on primacy and repetition

Excellent, hits every guaranteed-unique user offline

Frequency: Targeting: Loyalty:

High, new impression every boot-up and each message is reinforced three times (push, place and pull)

Outstanding, highly relevant

Excellent in retaining and regaining customers

Cost: Permission Based: Closed Loop:

Superb value and flexible pricing structures including revenue sharing

Completely, can be associated with loyalty payments (points)

Great, user data is easily tracked and collected

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Compelling Benefits for Consumers

For you, the consumer, BootSpace delivers fresh, tailored content to your boot-up screen in place of the stale, Microsoft Windows "clouds" logo. More importantly, by making your boot-up screen dynamic and fun, you can get subsidized, high-quality Internet access, computer rebates, miles, even cash! It's unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Using our technology, you get one-click access to unique content and services designed to meet your needs and delivered by your preferred branded organizations. There are no persistent, annoying advertising panels to clutter your Web experience and no promotional e-mails filling your inbox. And the amazing thing is that your content providers pay you to enjoy free access to unique content and resources, targeted personalized promotions and special discounts that match your lifestyle and stated needs, all while you wait the same amount of time you do now for your computer to boot-up. Payment comes in the form of either subsidized Internet access, rebates on your computer, or relevant currency (miles, points, cash, etc.) through an Internet incentive network.