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About BootSpace


What is BootSpace?

BootSpace is a client/server software solution that uses proprietary, patent-pending technology to deliver targeted animated graphic “BootScreens” to computer users.  These BootScreens are displayed during the computer’s boot-up sequence, and replace the Microsoft Windowsâ “clouds” boot-up screen.


How does the BootSpace software work?

BootSpace has developed a special technology that will download new BootScreens using idle bandwidth when you are online.  This technology ensures that your online experience is not affected in any way.  These BootScreens are then stored in your computer and automatically displayed every time you turn on your computer. 


Will I see different BootScreens every time I turn on my computer?

Yes, so long as you access the Internet on a regular basis.  BootSpace automatically downloads new BootScreens every time you access the Internet so that a different BootScreen is displayed every time you boot-up your computer.


How long is the BootScreen displayed when the computer is turned on?

The BootScreen is displayed for the exact same amount of time that you currently look at the Microsoft Windowsâ boot-up screen, usually anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds, depending on how you’ve configured your computer.


Will BootSpace slow down the time it takes to boot-up my computer? What about Web surfing?

No to both.  BootSpace does not change the amount of time it takes you to boot-up your computer, and will not slow down your Web surfing experience. 


If I see an interesting ad or offer on my BootScreen, can I access that information later?

Yes.  BootSpace makes it easy to take advantage of the BootScreen offers by adding a “floating window” in the upper-right corner of the computer’s desktop that corresponds to the BootScreen.  The floating window is “clickable” with links directly to the associated Web sites.


What if I’m interested in accessing a BootScreen offer I viewed several days ago?

Past BootScreen offers can be easily accessed from your desktop with the floating window’s scroll buttons. 


Can the floating window be closed? Moved?

Yes, the floating window can be closed or dragged to any location on your desktop. 


What are the minimum system requirements for using BootSpace?

The use BootSpace you need to have the following:


What is the size of the BootSpace application?

The BootSpace application is only about 200 KB.


Does BootSpace run on a Mac?

Not yet.  A Mac version of BootSpace will be coming out shortly.


How do I activate BootSpace?

Once you have downloaded and installed BootSpace, it is instantly activated.  As such, you should see a new BootScreen the next time that you boot-up your computer.


Do I need to be connected to the Internet to see BootScreens?

No, the BootScreens will appear during the boot-up sequence regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet. 


Can I check my loyalty program account balances using BootSpace?

Yes, if you installed a copy of BootSpace that is linked with a loyalty program, you can simply right click on the floating window.  One of the menu choices allows you to check your loyalty program account balances.  This functionality is determined by the sponsor of your loyalty program.


How do I get additional support?

Please send an e-mail to and someone will respond to your questions.


Installing and Uninstalling BootSpace


How do I install BootSpace?

Currently, BootSpace comes bundled with the software packages provided by our distribution partners including Internet Service Providers, Internet Incentive Networks, OEM’s, and other online businesses.  If you use their products and/or services,  you'll be able to download BootSpace.


How do I uninstall BootSpace?

Since BootSpace is entirely permission-based, BootSpace may be uninstalled at any time.  Simply follow these easy steps:


Can I use BootSpace on all of my computers?

Yes, so long as you download and install BootSpace onto each of those computers.


Can I use BootSpace at home and at work?

Again yes, so long as you download and install BootSpace onto both your work and home computer.  Moreover, because BootSpace’s special technology only downloads BootScreens using “unused” bandwidth, BootSpace will not negatively affect your office computer network.


Targeting and Privacy Issues


Does BootSpace collect information about its users?  If so, why?

Yes, BootSpace collects a small amount of information about you when you sign up for our service and also tracks information about what BootScreens you have seen and accessed from your desktop.  This information is completely anonymous.  Since BootSpace does not ask for a credit card or social security numbers, there is no way of verifying your identity.  BootSpace uses this information to ensure that your BootScreens are interesting and relevant.


Does BootSpace have a privacy policy?

Yes.  BootSpace respects the privacy of its users and will only distribute the information it collects if the user gives us permission to do so.  And even then, the user information is completely anonymous and is provided merely on an aggregated basis.  BootSpace also respects the privacy policies of all of its business partners.


See the BootSpace privacy statement for more details about how BootSpace protects your privacy online.


Can BootSpace target ads to specific end users?

Yes, BootSpace’s Push, Place & Pull TechnologyÔ has the ability to separate, segment and select audiences based on the user’s demographic, geographic or psychographic information.  Moreover, many of our distribution partners have this same capability.  When this information is combined with BootSpace’s ability to customize messages for different end-users, BootSpace provides “precision marketing” that allows for true “one-to-one” targeting.  BootSpace’s marketing solution is unsurpassed in terms of accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness.


FAQs: Potential Advertisers


Why not just use banner ads, e-mails or other online marketing methods?

Banner ads and e-mails are forms of “interruption marketing” – they are designed to distract consumers' attention from their preferred task, whether it be surfing the Internet, reading online content, or corresponding via e-mail.  Repeated research studies have shown that users become desensitized to such intrusive advertising as they learn how to ignore ad content and focus on their preferred task.  By contrast, BootSpace does not interrupt users from any task.  Our technology simply replaces one graphic, the Microsoft Windowsâ “clouds” logo, with your ad.  Additionally, until BootSpace’s Push, Place & Pull Technology, there has been no effective method to promote a brand holder’s message when the customer disconnects from the Internet.


How is BootSpace’s marketing approach unique?

BootSpace’s patent-pending technology ensures that your message doesn't have to compete for your customer's attention, like with banner ads, e-mails, interstitials or other cluttered, ineffective marketing methods.  Instead, BootSpace delivers unobtrusive, full-screen, targeted ads to computer users during the boot-up sequence, every time they turn on their computers, thus guaranteeing that your ad is the very first and only thing your customer sees.  Moreover, BootSpace allows you to place a small graphic on the users’ desktops that that can be clicked to access to your Web site.  This “brand package” allows you to repeatedly reinforce your campaign at three key interaction points: the initial boot-up sequence, the desktop, and the Internet.  And since BootSpace advertising is permission-based, there is no fear of brand backlash, ad blocking or filtering.


Can BootSpace target ads to specific demographics?

Yes.  When BootSpace end-users opt-in, BootSpace collects detailed demographic information that permits advertisers to target their buys.  This information, coupled with BootSpace’s unique features such as prime display location, multi-pronged delivery and guaranteed unique end-users enable precise targeting.


How difficult is it to create BootScreens?

It’s easy.  BootSpace will provide you with a tool to easily create dynamic BootScreens from your existing images (bitmap, gif, etc.).  Using the tool, creating high-quality BootScreens is as easy as dragging and dropping images.  Alternatively, you can provide us with the images you want and we will turn them into BootScreens for you.


FAQs: Potential Business Partners


Why would I want to partner with BootSpace?

BootSpace can provide you with a powerful new revenue stream by putting you in full control of the most desirable advertising real estate on the computer – the boot-up screens and desktops of your customers.  Whether you are an Internet Service Provider, Internet Incentive Network, OEM, or Online Business, our technology allows you to deliver unobtrusive sales and branding messages that will increase end-user loyalty and drive Web site traffic.


Can I brand the floating window?

Yes, BootSpace allows you to brand the floating window that sits on the user’s desktop by placing your brand name and logo on the top bar of the window above the advertisement.


Can I place a link to my Web site within the floating window and still display other ads or offers?

Yes, your brand name and logo that sits on the top bar of the window above the advertisement can be clicked by the end-user to directly access your Web site.