BootSpace has created a patent-pending direct marketing solution that dynamically pushes corporate graphic advertisements into the boot-up sequence.  BootSpace allows companies to better reach, register and retain their customers by transforming the idle time users spend waiting for their computer to boot-up, into time spent reading targeted, relevant advertising content. BootSpace delivers this unprecedented marketing solution via its patent-pending Push, Place and Pull technology.
First, BootSpace software pushes information to users when they first turn on their computers by replacing the computer’s Windows® “clouds” screen with a BootScreen – a company’s custom graphic ad, message or brand image.


Next, BootSpace places a “floating window” on the user's desktop that is synchronized with the BootScreen advertisement and is linked to the advertiser’s Web site.  This window, which can be custom branded in the title bar, also provides access to previous advertisements, any associated loyalty point balance and a form to change user profile information.

Finally, BootSpace pulls users to the advertiser’s Web site when they click on the “floating window.”  BootSpace can add a branded frame on the destination Web site, presenting the user with options to visit other Web sites selected by the advertiser or distribution partner.

As a result, BootSpace empowers advertisers to deliver specific messages, graphics and even custom Web sites to targeted demographics at three key points:  when the user first turns on the computer, at the desktop, and when the user accesses the Internet.