What our partners are saying about BootSpace

"BootSpace complements our current programs by giving our advertisers another vehicle with which to reach our members. This option is extremely appealing as the advertiser is able to reach our members the moment they turn on their computers with a full-screen, 30 second marketing message . . . We believe that our initial partnership [with BootSpace] will greatly benefit both of our companies and lead to a long-lasting business relationship." Jamie Schapiro, Manager of Corporate Initiatives, MyPoints.com, Inc.

"While most of our clients are still interested in traditional online advertising formats such as banner ads and interstitials, they have grown increasingly interested in new online Advertising technologies that improve the effectiveness of their overall marketing campaigns. As such, we are constantly looking at emerging Internet advertising technologies that hold such promise. BootSpace fills this need perfectly. With BootSpace, our clients get prime advertising real estate, superior to the once-favored placements deals, because BootSpace is in essence a portal to the entire computer experience." Matthew Wolff, Media Planner, Circle.com.

"We have made it our mission to allow marketers to move beyond increasingly ineffective CPM-based banner ads, towards true one-to-one marketing . . . BootSpace's targeted beyond-the-banner technology fits perfectly within this model by allowing us to extend our Affiliate Network offline and allow our advertisers to reach potential customers before they even reach the Internet. We believe that our end-users will enjoy seeing exciting, cash-earning offers in a space that was otherwise unused. Furthermore, we feel that adding [BootSpace's] technology to our successful program will drive additional revenue from those members who might not otherwise encounter our incented offers while online." Scott Rewick, Director of Business Development, NetFlip.

"Given the need to drive revenues to subsidize our users' access, we have evaluated several revenue-generating technologies for potential integration into our product. BootSpace offered a winning solution because of its minimal intrusion into our users' computer experience. When you think about it, BootSpace merely replaces an already existing advertisement - the Microsoft Windows start-up screen itself. In addition, the technical integration was extremely quick and painless, requiring a very minimal impact on our scarce technical resources. Finally, BootSpace allows us to monetize our entire installed base, regardless of their frequency of usage of our service. When combined with the obvious value of a full-screen impression to our advertisers, the revenue potential with BootSpace is impressive." Ed Andrews, President, DotNow.

"BootSpace allows us to generate revenue through our freeISP solution by selling BootScreens to our industry partners, all of whom are excited about the opportunity to reach our members in this space. BootSpace's ability to be super-targeted means our industry partners can reach just that segment of our membership that they desire much in the same way as with email marketing, but with BootSpace the full-screen message doesn't fill up in-boxes with Spam, and the marketing image will be viewed without having to be opened by the end-user." Reza M. Kazemipour, Director of Business Development, BuildPoint Corp.

"BootSpace gives us the opportunity to show exciting new products to users that have demonstrated interest in product categories by clicking on the desktop portion of the BootSpace software. Enthusiasts, consumers, and system builders get the advantage of learning of current offerings and being able to investigate them with unmatched ease." Eric Barr, Director of Operations, PlasmaSpec